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A Community of Film Talent

Create, Connect, and Collaborate: Unlock Opportunities in Film with Kollektive.

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Start collaborating and bring film projects to life today.

Kollektive offers a collection of features to provide film talent with a frictionless experience.

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Showcase your creative personality with your profile page.


Discover new talent and collaborators based on shared traits.


Learn from industry experts through live events and active discusssions.


Promote your projects and personal profile to gain traction.


Share your creative voice in live discussion feeds.


Attend events that unlock new possibilities for your career.


Earn badges based on your Kollektive status and accomplilshments.


Connect with other film talent to create and manage your network.


Emily R.  |  Cinematographer

I’ve only been using Kollektive for a short time, but I’m already impressed. The platform’s ability to showcase my work and connect me with directors and producers is exactly what I needed. I’m confident that Kollektive will be a crucial tool for my career growth and collaboration.

Jason T.  |  Film Producer

Having just started on Kollektive, I can already tell it’s going to revolutionize my networking and project-finding process. The platform makes connecting with professionals and sharing ideas seamless. I’m looking forward to discovering new opportunities and collaborating with others in the industry.

Sydney T.  |  Independent Filmmaker

I've just started using Kollektive, and I can already see its potential to transform my career. The platform is intuitive and has connected me with talented filmmakers. I’m excited about the opportunities to showcase my portfolio and collaborate on new projects. Kollektive is definitely going to be a game-changer.

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The Kollektive 
Short Film Competition

The Kollektive Short Film Competition offers filmmakers a platform to showcase their work and compete for awards. Our mission is to build a community where filmmakers gain visibility, celebrate their projects, and connect with talent. Participants vie for the Kollektive Luminary Award and a $500 prize, immersing themselves in an environment of discovery and growth.

A Community of Film Talent

Create, Connect, and Collaborate: Unlock Opportunities in Film with Kollektive.



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$12 per Month
All Basic Features
Private Spaces
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$150 per Project
Private Project Space
Advance Studio Tools
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